Martínez Sosa


Dominican, 1976. After study film at Santo Domingo University, he wins the scholarship to specialize in editing at the EICTV of San Antonio de Los Baños in Cuba, where he became later the coordinator of the editing department.

Then he moves to Spain and begins a prolific career as an editor working in several awarded feature films and documentaries such as: The hours of the day, Solitary fragments, Dream and silence, and Me too, among others.

He founded in his home country the production company Balsié Guanábana Macuto that serves as a launchpad for his director’s career and partner with Fernando Santos and Guasábara Cine to produce Liborio, his first feature film.

He has taught classes and give lectures in many film schools and art centers such as the EICTV, ECAM, NIC, CICE, Chavon Art School, and the Docnomads Erasmus Mundus Joint master’s degree.

In 2009 he became a member of the Spanish Film Academy, and since 2012 he’s a member of the European Film Academy.



In early 20th century, Liborio, a peasant, disappears in a hurricane and returns as a prophet. He says he’s been given a mission: to bring the good and take away the evil, curing the sick and teaching by example. People begin to congregate by his side and they move to the mountains to have total freedom and develop the dream of an independent community. Everything changes when the invading US Marines wants to disarm and disband the community. Liborio wants to avoid a confrontation but knows that they can’t run forever.


Nena’s window

Nena is a Dominican grandmother who has lived in New Jersey for 40 years. She doesn’t move much and spends his days looking out the window, remembering his past, his town, his country. One day, she receives a visit from his grandson, who is also an immigrant and who arrives with a camera on.



– We’re all sailors. Dir.: Miguel Ángel Moulet. (Rotterdam 2019)

– Dream and silence. Dir.: Jaime Rosales (Quinzaine des Realisateurs. Cannes 2012)

– Me too. Dir.: Álvaro Pastor y Antonio Naharro (Silver shell for best actor and for best actress at San Sebastian 2009. BankGiro Loterij Audience Award at Rotterdam 2010)

– Bullet in the head. Dir.: Jaime Rosales (Fipresci Award at San Sebastian 2008)

– Solitary fragments. Dir.: Jaime Rosales (Goya for Best Film 2008. Une certaine regarde. Cannes 2008)

– The hours of the day. Dir.: Jaime Rosales (Fipresci Award at Quinzaine des Realisateurs. Cannes 2003)

– Silence of the wind. Dir.: Álvaro Aponte Centeno (Mar de Plata 2017)

– Las carpetas. Dir.: Maite Rivera (Documentary Award at Habana Film Festival. 2011)

– Barrio Cuba. Dir.: Humberto Solás (Audience award at Huelva 2005 and at Habana 2005)

– Papi. Dir.: Noelia Quintero (Not yet released)

– Reinbou. Dir.: Andrés Curbelo y David Maler

– By the sea. Dir.: Bladimir Abud

– Falling. Dir.: Ana Rodríguez Rosell

– The naked screen. Dir.: Florence Jaugey

– The good news. Dir.: Helena Taberna

– El gancho. Dir.: Sandra Higuita


– Liborio. Fiction. 107’

– Nena’s window. Documentary. 40’

– Las carpetas. Documentary. 90’

– Flamenco: three essences. Documentary. 48’
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