Architectural and you will Engineering Agreements (282 items, inside the Fort Well worth): Emergency Preservation Performs and you can Civilian Preservation Corps- Indian Office projects, 1935-42

Architectural and you will Engineering Agreements (282 items, inside the Fort Well worth): Emergency Preservation Performs and you can Civilian Preservation Corps- Indian Office projects, 1935-42

Textual Info (within the Fort Worth, except given that indexed): Telecommunications, 1918-twenty six. Annual account, 1911-19. Topic files, 1913-twenty-eight. Records of the Management Section, 1897-1916. Information of the Property Section, including ideas based on minimal countries, 1915- twenty seven, and you can heirship procedures and you can elimination of restrictions, 1910- 23; agricultural rent notes, 1914-37; and you may oil and gas rent cards, 1918-thirty-five.

Day-after-day jail and you may instance records, 1962-65

Textual Info (into the Fort Really worth, but because the noted): Communication, 1914-17. Emails acquired about Place of work of Indian Circumstances, 1908-fourteen. Annual records, 1911-19. Ideas of the Management Office, in addition to property yields, 1904-16; census goes, 1904-18; register away from births and you will fatalities, 1895-1910; and you will every quarter abstracts out of personal Indian currency (IIM) profile, 1908-19. Ideas of your own Land Section, together with details per allotted Otoes, 1919-27; farming rent cards, 1922-39; and you can gas and oil lease notes, 1917-43. Ideas (inside the Oklahoma Urban area), including characters sent, 1880-1925; and you may various facts, 1897-1921.

Records (from inside the Oklahoma Area), comprising letters sent, 1894-1915; and individual Indian data, 1908-16

Textual Information (into the Fort Really worth, except once the indexed): Letters sent, 1892-1927. Telecommunications, 1923-27. Yearly profile, 1910-thirty-two. Suggestions of your Management Department, and info per team, 1915-19; establishment and you may assets, 1913-18; monetary management, 1899-1926; and money and you can trust financing government, 1888-1932. Records of your Home Department, as well as miscellaneous telecommunications, 1912-33; info in accordance with restricted places and you will believe loans, 1927-33; farming lease cards, 1909-29; and you will gas and oil lease cards, 1914-38. Ideas (inside the Oklahoma City), consisting of characters sent and you will acquired, 1879- 1927; various suggestions per sales and important statistics, 1897-1921; and you may personal Indian data files, 1904-twenty eight.

Textual Details (in the La): Characters sent, 1909-14. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1910-thirteen. Annual narrative and you may analytical profile, 1910-thirteen. Miscellaneous records based on studies, 1905-19.

Textual Records (for the Kansas Town): decimal interaction, 1949-66, and you can cows and farming program profile, 1940-55. Annual account to possess Crow Creek and lower Brule, 1935-forty eight. Forestry and you may grazing account, studies, it permits, and schedules, 1941-56. Flame reports, 1948-54. Buyers permits, 1948-sixty. Individual Indian currency (IIM) ledgers and you can post and you will manage suggestions, 1918-65; and you will circumstances documents, 1955- 61. Hobbies records, 1950-59, and you can personal welfare records, 1949- 63. Long lasting college or university list notes to possess reservation schools during the Fort Thompson and you can Straight down Brule, 1954. University census notes, 1928-sixty, and student instance files, 1944-64. Day university facts, 1927-57. The authorities circumstances documents, 1950-66. Law enforcement officers each week craft reports, 1960-66. Rules and you will Acquisition Program survey declaration, 1963. Violent circumstances files, 1944-65. Legislation and you may Acquisition Part analytical account, 1957-64. Crow Creek municipal circumstances files, 1952-60. Public workers’ big date sheets, 1960-65. Structure venture records, 1959-61. Tribal council audits, Down Brule, 1948-54.

Textual Suggestions (within the Los angeles): Emails sent, 1896-1910, 1917- 18, 1921-24; and you can acquired, 1898-1902, 1906-seven. Subject files, 1908-twenty-seven. Topic files of the Salt River Scheduling, ca. 1915- 27. Main topic data files, california. 1926-46. Administrative records, including personnel efficiency account, 1909-17; receipt rolls from abnormal laborers, 1901-3; and payroll away from teams, 1911-fifteen. Financial info, 1889-1951. Indian house allowance performs sheet sets, 1924; surveys, 1923-24; and you can allowance location sheets, ca. 1934. Ideas of irrigation plans, 1935-forty-eight. Ledger out-of miscellaneous and you will private Indian money (IIM) dumps, 1915-17. IIM ledger sheet sets, 1922-27. Personal Indian membership ledger sheets, 1954. Ledger out-of Pima Indian reasonable honours, 1916. Details out of articles given in order to Indians, 1911-18, as well as open market orders away from Indians, 1910-twenty-six. Indian disaster maintenance really works subscription software, 1934-thirty-six. Information in accordance with Civilian Conservation Corps-Indian Division, 1933-forty. Road opportunity files or other records relating to highway projects, 1937-41. Info in accordance with reimbursable property, together with reimbursable sales ledger sheets, 1914-39; records away from reimbursable deals, 1914-37; and you will reimbursable preparations, 1920-31. Individual Indian record data, ca. 1911-18. Marriage notes, 1911-twelve. Individual Indian identification and you can census notes, 1929-33. Subscription notes and you may labels, 1929. Tribal census moves, 1911-46. General farm census schedules, 1930. Information of the Court of Indian Offenses, 1913- twenty two. Health and passions suggestions, 1911-51, in addition to details of your own Pima Indian Hospital, 1935-50; diligent charts, 1922-29; hospital scientific number folders, 1930-33; and you can university medical center each day journal, 1911-sixteen. Job nursing assistant each day record, 1933-34, and you can ideas off community dentists, 1942-forty five. Facts based on Indian recovery, 1934-42, and to interests, 1941-51. Characters delivered by superintendents of your Pima Boarding College, 1898-1901. Day-after-day college or university attendance registers, 1901-sixteen. Analytical school reports, 1911-twenty six. Software to own subscription at nonreservation Indian schools, 1903-twenty six. Annual school census profile, 1915-38.

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