Their own earlier knowledge made their unique turn to bodily and potentially sexual risks

Their own earlier knowledge made their unique turn to bodily and potentially sexual risks

Bikini Caenis (Rider) Stage step three during the Future/Huge Acquisition, represented from the Azusa. Bikini Caenis (Rider) Stage 4 into the Destiny/Huge Order, illustrated by the Azusa. Particularly an excellent Bird (????????? ? ) in the Destiny/Grand Purchase, illustrated because of the Akasa Ai .


Regardless of if carrying adequate anger having aptitude because an Avenger, Caenis will be cheerful, engaging in light discussions whether or not maybe not inside a beneficial aura. She comes with a fondness getting candy which will be open to sharing much more about the niche. Yet not, their particular inner rage can be unmanageable, leading to tall and you will violent choices on level which have a Berserker. Her decisions within this state in addition to throws the owner at high risk of bringing stuck within her madness.

Wodime’s charismatic demeanor, together with want to intensify humankind to help you godhood and you may reshape the age of Gods, resonated which have Caenis, even after her hatred to own deities, particularly Poseidon, who’s the focus from their unique rage. She greatly supported Wodime and you will vowed to show the defenses and you will blessings of your own ocean god endowed in her own system given that a good Good Phantasm on the fullest.

Similarly to Mordred, Caenis screens spontaneous decisions, a primary aura, and you may an easy emotions. She will be honest occasionally, trusting Musashi need to be a bad individual as they are thus exactly like both.

If you find yourself initial lookin because a great “might makes best” contour, Caenis reflects the latest faults regarding ancient greek heroes. She’s got one another suffered from and you can wielded tyranny and you will divine vitality, which could join their unique psychological and you will high-risk tendencies.

Amazingly, Caenis upholds the principles away from Xenia, the fresh new Greek idea of hospitality. She and additionally conceals a vulnerable and invisible frail top to help you their that is however within the pain off her previous shock which have Poseidon, and you can probably this new closest relationship to their new feminine reputation.


Kirschtaria Wodime Caenis did actually seriously value Kirschtaria just like the her Learn with his greater eyes, and are a bit devoted to help you him. Even with be summoned because of the Ritsuka, this lady has so you’re able to encourage by herself one Kirishtaria no longer is their unique Master. Jason and Medea Lily “Hee~, very this is the become you guys emit at that place. Exactly what? Pretendin’ getting a security officer’s due to the fact ol’ months? Haha! Stop jokin’ Jason. The new me personally of your ol’ months are. Uuuum, eg a shock corps leader. Uuum? I know it is your with only an individual glimpse. Ah? You are different from typical? Would be the fact how it functions? Nah, they ain’t half of crappy. Basically must come across, I would personally state Everyone loves they. Let’s pick a glass or two after, such as for example an excellent ol’ family on the Argo?

A good kin of goodness off conflict Ares. Heee, therefore that is how it are! If old or the latest, it never ever do just about anything decent. Hello, Learn, can i butcher ’em? Provide me personally the new creeps. Your. T-R-I-T-O-N-KUN! I finally satisfied, we’ve got too much to explore. Hah! Exactly why are your within form. Aren’t ya only a great kid! Dressed up such a great girl actually! Hah? Simply an everyday uniform, you told you? Viewing it girlish is perhaps all myself! Is not no chance that is the case! Absolutely, Really don’t imagine it’s chill by any means, shape, otherwise means in the slightest! Hey, it’s okay, y’know? You have got the looks, for people who fool around into Brides de vente par correspondance asian the brats, Learn would not say anything. Noooope? I am not saying mockin’ ya. Is not it great if the good brat works doing and plays including the latest brat they are?

Mermaids was anything more like which. Anyhow it’s completely wrong. Crap. Exactly why is it that if I see Gogh, I’m depressed. Can it be, I’m worried to own their unique? Myself? I’m tellin’ ya you bein’ good mermaid’s entirely wrong! That you do not come across giants of height despite the latest Greek waters! Just what? We decided not to worry faster on which I look like. Hee. Avoid being playin’ right up until later. Fall asleep already. Therefore? Starred sufficient? Proper. Ah. Yeah, that’s true. Ah? Exhibitionist? Ugh. I am not saying an enthusiastic exhibitionist! I am immortal thus i don’t have any look after the thing i wear! Moreover, you may be along with a master, aren’t you. In this case, become more driven. That’s what I arrived right here to tell your. Aaaargh, I have had enough, allow me to borrow one glass of yours!

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