Zoosk Celebrates Global Kissing Time

Basically had my personal means, every single day might be Global Kissing Day.

But seeing that i’ve not yet made use of my personal Pinky in addition to Brain-like capabilities to take control globally, we’re stuck with Overseas Kissing Day happening just once per year.

To celebrate this current year’s occasion, Zoosk surveyed more than 3,500 singles across U.S. to gather their particular thoughts on kissing. You may never were interested in the quintessential unforgettable kisses in pop music society, top kissing places across the nation, as well as the hottest songs to hug to, however’re going to uncover what they truly are anyway.

The most effective three songs to kiss to are…

[Ok, i actually do kinda have a soft spot for the last one, but…really? Have of these Zooskers actually listened towards song? It is more about a breakup. An ugly one. Nearly more enchanting option for a makeout sound recording…]

Many memorable on-screen lip locking devices in the summer time are somewhat much better chosen:

The places singles possib to obtain their smooch on are:

[We have most concerns and concerns right here, but…I won’t go indeed there.]

And finally, Zoosk compiled a couple of arbitrary kissing facts (in case the basic three weren’t arbitrary adequate currently):


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